How do I use smilies on message boards?

To get a smiley into your forum post please follow these simple steps:

  • Get the URL of the smiley you want.
  • Switch to your forum post.
  • Hit the button that allows you to insert images. (That button looks different on every forum and some message boards don't allow images at all – so if you can't find that button it's usually best to ask a moderator or experienced user for help.)

After hitting the Insert image button one of the following things will happen:

  • EITHER: A text field pops up. Place the cursor inside that text field and hit Control + V (Mac: Command + V) to paste the smiley's URL you copied earlier. Then hit OK.
  • OR: Image tags appear inside the text area. They usually look like this: [img][/img]. Place the cursor between the inner brackets and hit Control + V (Mac: Command + V).

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